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On average, a building products sales rep is assigned 100 or more accounts, but can only effectively manage and grow twenty to thirty accounts. In a field sales model, there is simply not enough time to reach all customers without support.​

This phenomenon causes time to be taken away from accounts that can be grown and spreads reps too thin, making it impossible to achieve optimal performance. ​

Another principle proven through long term analysis of companies is the 80/20 rule; which states that 80% of revenue is generated by the top 20% of customers. These 20% are high value customers and average double-digit growth. On the other hand, low value, unassigned accounts average 15% attrition, occasionally reaching up to 40%. Often, this is caused by not truly analyzing sales data to understand the inequality between accounts, but sometimes is the result of a conscious decision to not focus on low value accounts because the economies of hiring sales staff to manage these accounts is unrealistic. ​

Distributors often see that sales of newly introduced products or high margin accessories don’t perform to expectations. To truly reach and educate all accounts, communication must come through multiple channels, or many accounts and/or decision makers will not be exposed to cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.  ​

While field sales reps are very effective in the highest value accounts where the most time is spent, a recent CEB study shows that B2B customers complete an average of 57% of their research through other channels, before engaging field sales.  With that being the case, not rounding out your communications tool set with other channels, especially email and digital engagement can result in missed education and sales opportunities. ​

Very often, support programs such as rebates, loyalty and marketing assistance programs are underutilized in the B2B space. Time over time, our clients show that there is a systemic lack of process and resources to ensure that programs and their value are communicated to all customers consistently.​

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