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Connect your stores to local customer intelligence, marketing, sales, and inventory to maximize growth

Your Local Store Solution

Neighborhood intelligence and analytics on local consumer profiles, buying behaviors and market potential.

Connectivity to the most comprehensive Local Pros network to target, engage and market promotions, discounts, rebates & loyalty incentives.​

Sales diagnostics to determine comparative store performance and performance against local market potential in over 900 product categories.​


Inventory connectivity to manage forecasting, excess/shortage, localized pricing, suggested product bundling and incentives for slow moving inventory

Small is Big

See how we leverage our people, process, and technology to provide your brand with local intelligence, including data and analytics, marketing and product offers, and customer service.

Stephanie Andacht

Business Development Solutions

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“From strategic targeting to campaign execution and relationship building; MMC has the professional services we need to grow and succeed.”


HVAC Distributor

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Reaching long-tail customers for major MRO distributor


Sales increase in just 8 months

Partnering with pool equipment manufacturer to launch D2C program


Close rate of qualified leads

Managing and growing accounts for largest HVAC manufacturer


Year partnership with MMC

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“MMC is an outstanding business partner. They know data and have been able to dissect the information into manageable marketing segments that have helped us grow our business and name recognition exponentially. Thank you, MMC, for helping us grow!”

Sales Director

Facilities Supplier

Stephanie Andacht

Business Development Solutions