Vacant Territory Management

Vacant Territory Management


National Building Products Equipment Distributor

Vacant territories

250 Dealers


Estimated attrition before Channel 80/20

Sales growth in the first six months

Average number of uncovered territories at any given time


A national building products distributor was facing a loss of revenue within high value accounts that were historically assigned to field sales, due to turnover and subsequent lack of field sales coverage. Using a multichannel solution, MMC was able to cover the vacant territories; growing sales and uncovering new opportunities.


The client needed assistance covering a number of vacant territories created by the natural attrition and repositioning of their field sales personnel. At any given time, the client had an average of five territories impacted by this lack of coverage, resulting in significant sales attrition, as well as a negative impact on long-term dealer loyalty.

Vacant Territory Map


Using multichannel communication and virtual sales reps, MMC reinforced the client's sales team to manage accounts, monitor customer satisfaction, and escalate opportunities and challenges to local field management to protect share and even enable growth during these periods of no coverage.


To serve large areas of uncovered dealers, a central marketing database was built from our client’s sales and ERP system, allowing the tracking of customer sales, growth, and retention. Our existing highly skilled sales reps were then trained on client and product-specific information through the MMC Building Products University. Additionally, all MMC reps received the same training as client field sales, making them true virtual sales representatives. Once training was complete, an initial awareness campaign was executed using a multichannel approach, focusing on targeted cross sell/upsell and new product introductions. Lastly, customers were guided through the sales process or a field sales visit was scheduled, ensuring that no customers were left uncovered during these transitional times.


Before using Channel 80/20, a territory left vacant for 90 days resulted in an average of 20% attrition. Within the first six months of supporting the uncovered territories, MMC had grown sales by 5.8% and uncovered new opportunities for incremental sales in nearly one third of the supported accounts.

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