Using Technology To Challenge Status Quo

Using Technology To Challenge Status Quo


Measurement/Estimating Technology

Specialty Roofing Contractors

25,000 Companies


New customers acquired

Estimated market adoption of new technology

Annualized revenue


A technology company developed an aerial imaging tool to allow high resolution viewing and measurement of maps and images. The technology was widely used by planning and assessor professionals, public safety officials and other government entities as a sophisticated and critical visual resource. The potential and market for this tool were far more diverse than current applications, and the construction industry was a primary target.


The company was confident their technology would translate to commercial trade professionals, particularly roofing and solar contractors, as an added value tool to increase efficiency while reducing operation costs. However, existing sales resources were focused on selling to the government sector, where they understood the sales process and cycle. With little experience selling outside the government market and hiring additional sales reps a cost-prohibitive option, our customer needed a cost-effective solution to reach this market.


With more than 20 years experience selling to contractors, MMC had the expertise, communication blueprint, and sales and marketing infrastructure to spark rapid product adoption and sales. The client needed a direct sales channel to reach the vast universe of contractors, and MMC provided a turnkey solution.

On the client's behalf, MMC built a team of dedicated inside sales professionals, a database of contractors, and a marketing communications toolkit. A multi-touch direct marketing plan was created, integrated with inside sales, and targeted to the contracting population.


MMC used individually tailored messages—executed via multiple channels, including telephone, direct mail, Email and fulfillment—to educate customers and cultivate interest in the product. MMC handled the full range of customer communications, capturing additional account data, nurturing opportunities, proctoring web-based demos, closing sales, and offering customer training.

Each customer interaction was stored in a proprietary database, which allowed for complete 360-degree campaign planning, execution, and analysis. This analysis enabled ongoing refinement of campaigns and enhancement of the overall program to continue to tighten the sales cycle.


Since program's inception, MMC has grown market share from zero to 10% of eligible customers and generated close to $3 million in revenues for the client, far exceeding expectations and proving the product to be a viable offering in the public sector. As a result of averaging 450% annual sales growth, the program has expanded to penetrate other contractor verticals and promote market adoption of the technology for additional applications.


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