Integrated Response Management and Demand Generation

Integrated Response Management and Demand Generation


Residential and Multi-family Home Building Products

Multi-audience; Builders, Contractors, Dealers, Distributors, and Retailers



Average annual inbound responses handled (phone, chat, Email)

Qualified leads delivered to field

Realized revenue


One of the leading manufacturers of premium building products used in residential and multi-family homes offered a number of specialty brands; however, over the years each brand had become its own entity with its own separate marketing practices. As a result, there was little synergy or consistency across the company, and no avenue to effectively cross-sell these products.


The client needed to integrate communications to its builders, installers, dealers, distributors, and retailers. However, without a centralized marketing and selling system, redundancies in the process led to duplications of effort. The challenge was clear: to create greater synergy across brands to produce maximum return on investment.


To reach this goal, MMC completely transformed the role of the marketing organization. The client provided targets, and MMC built the marketing process and tactics to minimize separation between brands. Through the use of customer data analysis, each brand was marketed to the right potential customers, and successful cross-sell was attained across brands.


Through the ChannelReach solution, MMC provides a platform for engagement and access to channel relationships without disrupting or displacing valuable logistics.


MMC handled the full range of customer communications; from capturing additional account data for each interaction and nurturing opportunities, to closing sales and analyzing lost leads. Each customer interaction was stored in a proprietary database to allow for complete 360-degree analysis, leading to optimized campaign planning, refinement, and execution.


Through this process, the client began to consolidate its marketing efforts. This consolidation not only enabled them to cross-market and cross-sell products, but also to significantly grow their builder and installer relationships. Long term, the cost efficiencies were significant, and the ability to execute integrated campaigns and identify profitable new customers has untold value.

During the one-year program, a 26.5-to-1 ROI was realized, producing $18,974,000 in annualized revenue. 159,000 one-way communications were launched, leading to 32,900 two-way interactions—providing 1,239 leads directly to the client’s sales team. Beyond just these specific results, the client now has a functioning marketing program that has brought synergy and consistency to a previously fragmented organization.

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