Increasing Specification For Specialty Products

Increasing Specification For Specialty Products


Composites Manufacturer

Education Market

23,000 Targets

Twelve Months


Increase in year-over-year sales

Increase in specification rate

Increase in projects pipeline value (current and future projects)


A leading manufacturer of performance synthetic materials and premium finished products needed to grow sales. Being specialized and semi-custom, their products are placed through the specification process. MMC was able to increase specification for their new, unique product line to be used in both new construction and major renovation projects.


While the client's company has a long history of success and strong market penetration for other product lines in both the repair/remodel market, and also in new construction, they were facing significant challenges gaining visibility, understanding, and purchase for their new product line. Because it was a premium product and price, it required visibility early in the planning phase to reinforce the lifecycle value proposition and gain specification. In the past, the client had utilized construction news data from third-party services with only limited success, due to the difficulty of consuming—and acting on—the type and quantity of data provided.


The solution was SpecReach, an MMC product that works by identifying key data markers from third party construction news sources and delivering the right communications and materials to the right players at each key stage of the new construction timeline.

Through implementation of the SpecReach product, MMC was able to analyze and leverage the client’s construction project data in ways the client simply was not able to do on their own.

By combining SpecReach analysis with a comprehensive understanding of the new construction process, including key roles and correct timing, it was possible to communicate the benefits of the products efficiently and effectively. In addition, by employing marketing automation and a virtual sales organization, it was possible to cost-effectively increase specification, branded bids, and the eventual sale and installation of the client’s product.


MMC was able to increase year-over-year sales by 45% by increasing specification rate by 3 times, ultimately driving a 10 times increase in the client's project pipeline value.


Are you a manufacturer of specifiable products with a need to effectively reach and influence owners, architects/engineers, and contractors to drive specification and sell through?

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