Fast Track To New Product Adoption

Fast Track To New Product Adoption


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A major manufacturer of building materials and engineered wood products developed a radiant shield barrier that offered an easy, cost-effective way to reduce the amount of energy needed for cooling or heating. The market and potential for this energy conservation product was enormous, so it was important for the sales reps to efficiently distribute the story directly to the widest number of potential influencers.


This timely energy-conserving radiant barrier sheathing already enjoyed 72% brand recognition in the marketplace, yet sales were lagging. Factory costs were still high, yet production capacity was not being met, making it imperative to quickly convert awareness into action. The company had an immediate need to locate the right influencers who could help push the decision forward; specifically, builders, framers, architects and those who evaluate homes for energy efficiency.



To reach purchasing influencers who use—or could potentially use—radiant barrier products, MMC employed a multichannel approach. This mix of the voice channel, supported by Email and other messaging tactics maximized the reach and frequency of the communication. Lead generation and qualification was executed by MMC, then passed to the client's sales reps to complete the sale.


Using an outbound telemarketing campaign, MMC reps created and capitalized on product awareness while qualifying the contact as a profitable opportunity and setting up a sales appointment. Telemarketing was closely followed by a series of consecutive marketing Emails to help generate and maintain interest.

The client's reps followed through on the appointments set up by the MMC reps and reported their feedback. MMC then submitted a comprehensive weekly scorecard, detailing the number of appointments and leads generated, the number of attendees, the potential number of homes in the builder's pipeline during the previous week and the number of conversions. The result of the feedback report was to close the loop on opportunities and sales and to make certain that no gaps remained open in the sales process.


The results of this campaign have been nothing short of extraordinary. The number of conversions in the first four months ran 64% ahead of break even. The success of the initial program has resulted in an expansion into a nationwide, integrated sales effort encompassing the company's entire suite of products in all markets. With the cooperation of the company's current sales and marketing staff, and many proactive campaigns later, ChannelReach has provided to date a 26:1 return on investment to our client.

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