Partnering With Luxury Lighting Manufacturer to Accelerate Trade Direct Program

 MC managed an acquisition and activation program to market and sell directly to interior designers to achieve incremental growth.

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 Our client, a major luxury lighting manufacturer, sold through independent lighting showrooms managed by a manufacturers rep model that posed common growth challenges:

  • Competing for attention against other brands carried by the showroom
  • It’s an economic impossibility to reach all interior designers in all markets with field sales alone
  • Online merchants and sellers increasingly disrupting the model

Before engaging MMC, only 750 customers were part of our client’s Trade Direct Program, many of which were not repeat buying and had limited to no brand loyalty. Our client hired us to optimize their ability to reach and engage interior designers, with an effort to recruit customers into their Trade Direct Program.


 MMC’s Trade Direct Program targeted high-end residential interior designers. We started by building a customer database of 93,000 marketable prospects, then reached out to these prospects via targeted digital and email campaigns to help generate qualified hand-raisers. 

MMC’s virtual sales team seamlessly integrated with our lead generation and retention/expansion strategies. We implemented field rep dashboards to prioritize high-value accounts with immediate sales potential. Our sales reps then qualified interior designers and registered them as members of the Trade Direct Program. Next, we funneled members through on-boarding journeys to move them through their first purchase and educate them on the value proposition of being a Trade Direct member, exposing them to the full breadth of product lines. Once complete, MMC created a post-sales journey to ensure customer satisfaction and guidance on future projects.


 In the first year of the program, MMC successfully registered 2,216 new designers, average order size was up 22%, and our strategy has surpassed revenue targets at 119% to revenue goal. 



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Increase in average order size

We can connect you to thousands of Interior Design Professionals in our master database.

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