Reaching Long-Tail Customers On Behalf Of Landscape & Hardscape Distributor

 MMC integrated data, account-based marketing, and virtual selling in English and Spanish to build relationships across a highly fragmented customer base of landscape, hardscape, and irrigation professionals. 

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 Our client, a national landscape and hardscape distributor, had a total customer base of over 340,000 customers. Unfortunately, only 8% of these customers were driving well over 80% of their overall revenue, and the remaining 92% were not only comprising 20% of company revenues but were churning at nearly 20%. Worse, constrained field sales resources could not cover this entire segment cost-effectively. 

Our client challenged MMC to reach the entire tail of low-volume house accounts whose sales were in a state of decline. Secondarily, our client recognized Spanish-speaking customers were a fast-growing segment and wanted to ensure they received the same best-in-class customer experience as English-speaking contractors. 


 MMC leveraged its proprietary data and analytics platform to build customer profiles and drive an account-based marketing strategy that pushed multi-channel communications to customers to increase engagement, product awareness, and brand recognition. In parallel, MMC built product adoption journeys that educated, incentivized, and drove customers to use a mix of products to better their business resulting in more word-of-mouth referrals to contractors in their network. 

Our Inside Sales Professionals underwent intensive sales training to learn our client’s sales process, expansive product lines, and business to ensure they could provide the most engaging experience possible. MMC also hired Spanish-speaking inside salespeople who could represent the products for contractors. Using our centralized omnichannel contact center platform, they had the transactional capabilities needed to take orders in real-time and act as virtual territory managers. 

All sales activities and transactions were stored, tracked, and accessible to our clients 24/7, which has led them to continue our partnership and increase their investment in our solution. 


The results were nothing short of extraordinary. In a segment of customers that previously had been churning by nearly 20%, MMC generated top-line growth of 33% in our first year of treatment and significantly improved lifetime customer value by reactivating and accelerating purchasing behaviors. 





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