Implementing Inbound Sales Center For HVAC Distributor

 MMC Building Products implemented an inbound sales program leveraging data and analytics, sales intelligence, and an integrated technology solution to increase customer satisfaction, sales, and profits.

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Our client, an HVAC distributor, was operating an internal call center with a legacy system and fragmented sales process that caused the following growth challenges:

  • Outbound and inbound functions performed independently, hindering the ability to provide a consistent brand message and experience.
  • Dedicated inside sales employees were disconnected from the branch, under-resourced, and ill-equipped with the necessary tools to elevate the customer experience, leading to “order taking” rather than value creation. Every call was a single “at bat” without the ability to deepen relationships. As a result, abandon rates neared 30% in peak seasonality.
  • Inbound calls interrupted employees behind the counter focused on serving the customers standing in front of them, leading to customer dissatisfaction and missed sales. 

Our client challenged MMC to design, manage, and execute an industry-leading inbound sales program that would support multiple ordering and quick service methods. Additionally, salespeople would proactively identify all products and services needed across jobs to increase brand loyalty. 


 MMC first analyzed historical sales data that segmented and scored customers on several variables, including current spend, potential spend, product mix, other behavioral trends. Next, we set up our technology platform that combined an omnichannel contact center, customer relationship management, marketing automation, and business intelligence. Our platform distributed inbound inquiries to a dedicated inbound sales team with access to account information, historical activities, sales data, and product recommendations for cross-selling. The inbound sales reps provided a real-time, personalized customer experience across all channels, including phone, text, and email. In addition, with remote monitoring and coaching capabilities, our platform delivers real-time data, live voice monitoring, digital voice recordings, compliance, and quality assurance, for sales supervisors to optimize sales functions continually.

As a 100% remote workplace, MMC recruited talented salespeople across the nation with industry experience. Recruits underwent rigorous training to learn our client’s business, product mix, and technology platform.

Once trained, our salespeople functioned just like the branch counter with the ability to check inventory, pricing, answer product questions, take orders, and have them ready for pickup. Salespeople could also encourage customers to order online as a self-service option. Following a lead or sale, salespeople could place customers in targeted campaign journeys to increase the frequency of product purchases, educate them on loyalty programs and promotions, and keep the brand top of mind.

In parallel, MMC integrated a “VIP” line for top dealers that gave them expedited attention and priority experience, which led to additional customer satisfaction and referrals via word of mouth to other pro contractors in their networks.


To date, our client has seen astounding results. Most importantly, this program allowed our client to go from reactive customer service to proactive customer-centric service and support, while integrating sales and marketing service functions. This has led to increased customer satisfaction across branches and improved morale amongst branch employees who can focus on in-store customer needs.

Additionally, the new approach led to significant increases in sales metrics. We have seen order values increase by over 40% and order conversion rate per opportunity rise by 10% compared to historical benchmarks.





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Order Conversion Rate Per Opportunity

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