Additional services such as literature and sample fulfillment, video training, transaction processing, product returns, and more, are available to enhance your customer’s brand experience.



Literature and sample fulfillment




Product returns


Transaction processing


expand reach

Expand Your Reach

With MMC's integrated marketing tools, delivering your message to large audiences is simple and effective

improve visibility

Improve Product Visibility

Packaging and branding versatility makes growing brand awareness productive and affordable

connected relationships

Build Effective Relationships

Personalized, multichannel campaign management allows you to better connect with both current and potential customers



We offer printing service of collateral, brochures, business cards, direct mail, cards and bulk mailing. You can upload your personal designs or have us custom design.

Custom Packaging

Utilizing your business's brand guidelines, we create packaging, labeling, and collateral to maintain your image.

We help protect your products during shipping with properly sized boxes and custom-cut interior linings, ensuring safe delivery to your customers.

With a specific audience in mind, we collaborate with you to craft labels that attract attention and represent your brand’s identity.

Notecards, tailored to each client, ensure your brand message is delivered clearly and effectively.


Sample Fulfillment Programs

We help you manage inventory tracking at our world-class fulfillment facility.

Through full automation and processing, we provide fast and reliable picking and packing for high volume inventory.

Thousands of items, ranging from bulk skids to high-valued products, remain secure in our monitored, climate-controlled facility.

Inventory Management
Our facility is equipped with an inventory control system to track your products in a variety of ways, ranging from SKUs to expiration dates, monitoring additional details such as shipment progress and reporting.

Marketing Program Kitting

Through quick, accurate, and efficient distribution of tailored packages, we can help you to better connect with target audiences.

From individual projects to mass production, we provide on-demand kitting services.

Our secure climate-controlled facility will store all of your valuable inventory items.

We can efficiently ship thousands of packages daily with a secure and reliable, fully automated process.

By tracking products with SKUs, lot numbers, receiving dates, and storage methods, we monitor shipment processes and reporting.


Trade Show Follow-Up Campaigns

Our unique process allows you to focus on selling, with the peace of mind that your potential leads will receive follow-up outreach.

How does it work
1. You share your leads' information with MMC.
2. We verify the address formatting of each contact.
3. Follow-up letters and/or packages are sent to each lead.

What do we offer
Pre, During and Post trade show support.

Pre Trade Show:
Email, Direct Mail (3-D Mail) and Targeted Ad's (Outbound). Custom packages available for inbound response and management.

During Trade Show:
Email, Geo-Fencing, Targeted Ad’s and List collection.

Post Trade Show:
Email, Direct Mail (3-D Mail) and Sample request fulfillment.

Product Recall Support Programs

Though no one expects to face a product recall, knowing what to do in such a stressful situation is important. We have the experience and resources to assist you every step of the way.

From logistics services and compliance reporting, to part fulfillment and tracking, MMC provides end-to-end support at crucial times.

Data Analysis
Through data review, we locate recalled products and provide mediation to monitor and organize reporting and tracking.

Multichannel Contact
To engage targets with cost-effectiveness in mind, we develop a multi-touch plan.

Part Fulfillment
We generate return labels/packaging for recall items and handle proper disposal with cataloging all returns.

Compliance Reporting
We offer target verification, part-replacement monitoring, installation confirmation, and non-compliant prospect refusal tracking, to ensure proper recall management.


Holiday Greetings and Gift Campaigns

Partner with MMC to meet all of your holiday outreach needs.

Personalized Greeting Cards
After helping you choose the best design for the appropriate holiday message, we manage all printing, personalization, and mailing of your greetings.

Logo Gifts or Ornaments
Send a customized ornament or gift that will represent your client partnerships throughout the entire holiday season.

Gourmet Snacks, Candies, and Treats
We can assist you with finding the best gift for each client on your list, simplifying all of your holiday shopping.

Event Marketing

From grand openings to corporate announcements, we provide the experience and services needed to deliver your message and increase brand awareness.

Invite potential clients to your event with attractive, personalized mailers.

We offer thousands of items, for every occasion, to share your brand.

MMC can fulfill all of your team event needs, ranging from lanyards to ID clips.